Membrane System


Membrane system with modern & full automatic European machineries combined with expert engineers and technicians give us an opportunity to produce luxurious, elegant cabinet doors, closet, interior &entrance doors for our customers. In this system different designs are given to C.N.C. machine with CAD program. Under the control of ourexpert technicians, the design will be created on MDF surface by around 3 axes of X.Y.Z. Then after trimming the edges, formed MDF will be membraned by vacuum press machine, in which pressure, heat & vacuum all together let the doors to be laminated delicately by PVC across (length, widths & thickness).


  • Inducing arts and beauty to the panels.
  • Producing delicate designs
  • Producing nice arches & radiuses in cabinets & entrance doors.
  • Very flexible systems for producing different designs on panels.
  • Is a very good substitute for wooden doors and an easy way to creates different complicated designs.

Membrane systems

  • Designs with CAD/CAM software
  • Cutting & designs by C.N.C machine in 3 axes
  • Full automatics control by the machine
  • Quite good flexibility of PVC
  • Delicacy in creating designs
  • Ability of machine to trim and cut in depth of the MDF
  • High speed in production
  • Ability to create logos of the companies
  • Variety in size and dimension