MDF Profile Wrapping

Decorative MDF Profiles With PVC Wrapping

These days high technology in wood industries in addition to new PVC designs & colors give good opportunities to the interior designers to create fantastic environment.Among these new technology (MDF profile wrapping) is a luxury, elegant one. Laminate technology with soft and flexible PVC in
comparison with rigid hard HPL make it possible to laminate molded MDF with attractive Designs and colors of PVC to produce decorative profiles.

DerakhteSabzChoobinehMfgCo. parallel to development of new wood industries around the world tried to equip itself with high technology wrapping machineries and by installation of lines of production, including molding, wrapping machines and molding tools and Knives try to keep the company up to date. At present time DerakhteSabzChoobinehMfg Co. is able to produce many different kinds of decorative MDF profile with variety of color & designs for the customers. This company produces its wrapping decorative profile in 6 different categories to give a good coverage to all customers’ demands& desire.

  • Doors Profile
  • Crown Profile & light shade profiles
  • Skirting, Wall Panels, Shutter
  • Boarder Profiles
  • Edges Profiles
  • Lapel Profiles