Derakhte Sabz Choobineh MFG.,Co

Covering an area of 7000 square meter in the industrial zone of Kosar Eshtehard, Derakhte Sabz Choobineh MFG.,Co, was stablished in 1993.

The company initially relying on valuable experiences of its founders got involved to developing the wooden artifacts and flat wooden panels and preceded with production of post forming cabinet worktops.

Since then, sync with customers and market need, following the strategy of developing production line of new products in a variety of colors and designs and also by investing in modern machineries and applying state of the art technology could dramatically increase its production capacity to give proper response to the market and its respectful customer ‘s demands.

As our productions in the mind of our customers is known to be superior quality, the company has put its priority to get its standard and high quality raw materials from European manufacturers and imported its requirements from countries like Germany, Spain, France and Italy.

 Derakhte Sabz Choobineh MFG.,Co, didn’t limit itself to producing post formed worktops and soon afterwards started to produce other wooden products like profile wrapping, membrane door , sealed wall skirting ,high gloss panels by means of new production lines completely made by Europe.

Research and development from the very beginning of launching the company has been a strong arm of production and could increase its vital role by developing multi-disciplinary cross functional team (C.F.T).


At present, being equipped with all-round of development in an area of 30000 square meter with high production capacity to be able to meet the customer orders in appropriate circumstances, we are proud to announce that Derakhte Sabz Choobineh MFG.,Co, for the first time in Iran ever, sells its products with warranty and after-sale service and is one of the leading prestigious company in the local wood industry so that the quality of its products is quite competitive with its foreign counterparts.